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    Pick Their Poison

    Swift, Xcode


    C#, MonoGame, Visual Studio

    Switch Blade

    C#, MonoGame




    C# - 2 years
    Java - 3 years
    HTML/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery - 1 year
    C++ - 1/2 a year

    Software and Libraries

    Processing - 1 year
    Maya - 1 year
    Unity 5 - 1 and 1/2 years
    MonoGame - 1 year
    Photoshop - 2 years



    Who I Am

    My name is Danny Hawk, and I'm currently a student at Rochester Institute of Technology, pursuing a BS in Game Design and Development, with a minor in Psychology and an immersion in Economics. I focus in the cross-over between the top down design of games and how the game systems support that top down vision, and am currently exposing myself to as many aspects of game design as possible in order to get a strong understanding of where that overlap occurs. Besides my love for games, I'm also an avid rock climber (both indoors and outdoors) who hopes to travel the country climbing in different beautiful locations.

    Enraptured by the Minutia of Games

    I've always had a passion for games, and more specifically their design and how every corner of development contributes to the design. To me, the most enticing nugget of game design tends to be the tiny mechanics or other design choices that are not important by themselves, but after enough tiny design choices are executed exceptionally, the sum is an incredible game. All of these tiny design choices are what breathes life into games, and even if a player doesn't overtly notice them, they're still certianly felt by the player. This aspect of games and game design is the most intriguing to me, and I strive to incorporate this emphasis on small design details into all of my work.